Talk Topics

  • Harnessing your Inner Champion
  • Self Mastery Makeover
  • Self Care Hacks: The unstoppable guide to peace and harmony
  • Find your Inevitable Success: The 3 things keeping you frustrated and stuck

When it comes to life–business, health, wealth, personal growth and relationships Susie Hill lifts the veil on the blocks keeping us from inevitable success. Her talks give insight and wisdom whilst leaving the audience with actionable steps to live an empowered life.

Susie works with high-caliber women business owners and leaders to become crystal clear on their value, their identity and power and own it.


Susie Hill is an insightful coach drawing out the uniqueness in her clients which evokes clear choices and forward-minded strategies. With over 25 years of business,  information technology and professional development experience, she brings a broad understanding of leading and coaching professionals coupled with authentic, effective communication skills. Her clients appreciate the warmth and encouragement she brings as well as her light hearted humor and optimism.

Susie holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Tennessee and a BA in Marketing from Manchester University where she competed nationally in women's cross country. 

She is also a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT®) having completed her training at the Glowing Body Yoga Studio under the guidance of program director and Iyengar yoga teacher Cindy Dollar. She's received additional training from Alison West, director of Yoga Union and the Yoga Union Backcare, Scoliosis and Therapy Center in New York New York as well as Richard Rosen, co-founder of the Piedmont Yoga Studio in Oakland, California. Yoga has given Susie a focus, poise and a posture that exceeds the body form and moves in to a way of being not only for her but her community.

She is known for her strength in instinctively guiding others to connect with their inner wisdom and bringing fun and passion to the discovery process. Susie does not waste her words, each word has a spirit to it, she's like an elder imparting wisdom to others and her tribe. Susie has a powerful gift of communication and a natural gift of the timing of her message.

Her core values include insight, wisdom, integrity and passion. Susie’s dual background of corporate experience and professional development work has given her the distinct advantage of blending the bridge between mindfully managing and navigating the business world.

She embraces coaching and all it has to offer. There is nothing more powerful when a client uncovers a blind spot and gives new possibilities for reaching their best self.

Clients experience results in increased income or revenue, job promotions, less stressed, a clearer and deeper sense of self; increased wellness in themselves as well as change agents in corporate cultures; grounded and calm in high-stress moments or environments while able to maintain their focus and clarity.

prior Speaking engagements

  • Women's Success Network
  • Consortium on University-based Executive Education (UNICON)–Fall Conference
  • Conference on Management, Executive and Professional Development (CMED)–Annual Conference
  • University of Tennessee–Lunch & Learn programs
  • KAWE (Knoxville, Tennessee Association of Women Executives)–Professional Development series