The Accelerator

90 Day Jump Start

  • Clarity, confidence and credibility–lift the veil on what’s stopping you from inevitable success
  • Optional VIP day

The Immersion

Platinum Private Coaching & MENTORING–6 months

  • Take it a step further–create the continual abundance of health, wealth and vitality
  • 1/2 VIP day

The Ultimate


  • Dive deep and discover how to live life effortlessly
  • Full VIP day kick-off


"I have thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed our coaching sessions, and I am still amazed by the feedback you have already given me and the openness that you have offered during our sessions. I have learned so much from you and through you, and through our sessions, and I am very grateful for your patience and trust. You have given me so much confidence and trust in myself that I am on the right way of choosing to become a coach. I loved the fact that we are pretty much on a similar 'wavelength' as we say in German, and I am really looking forward to catching up with you in January. Thank you for sharing so much of your journey with me, and for inviting me to accompany you for a part of it. I hope that I could add something to the journey, and I thank you for letting me become a better coach along the way!"
• • • • • • •
"Susie helped me gain clarity about how I felt about situations and how I could move forward. She is fabulous at validating my progress, which made me want to continue working with her and on my goals. I was really happy having her as my coach!"